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If you’re looking for assistance with construction & engineering images and video, contact us.

Finding the right provider for construction & engineering solutions for your project can be a challenge. At Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we offer a wide range of construction & engineering services to clients located in and around Barrie, Ontario. We specialize in providing an aerial view of any job site, delivering both visual and survey information from above. Our programmable flight capabilities allow us to move to the exact same position throughout the progress of the job, giving clients a glimpse into the progress from the same perspective every time.

If you’re looking for assistance with construction & engineering images and video, contact us at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. We deliver high-definition imagery, along with final completion images to use in your marketing materials and for other needs. Additionally, our team members can provide you with design and engineering files that can help speed up your project timelines and improve the accuracy of the work. Some of our construction & engineering offerings include orthographic mosaic timelines, digital elevation models, cut and fill reports, and analyses of slopes and watersheds.

Gain a new perspective of your job site with the services provided by our team at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. Whether you’re managing a construction site or overseeing the civil engineering planning of a new structure, our team can help support your role and provide you with the images and reports you need for a successful outcome. Contact us today for more information about our cutting-edge technology and options available to benefit your job site.

Construction & Engineering