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No matter why you need solar panel inspections, we’re here to take care of the job.

Solar Panel Inspections in Barrie, Ontario
Solar panels have exploded on both commercial and residential structures across the country. Taking advantage of solar panels comes with a number of benefits, including reduced reliance on traditional energy sources, access to clean solar energy, and lower monthly bills. From time to time, property owners may need solar panel inspections to make sure that the units are working properly and haven’t been damaged in any way. This service is especially important if the property has been impacted by a storm that may have caused damage to the solar panels.

Climbing up on the roof of a large structure isn’t an ideal way to perform a solar panel inspection. You could end up getting hurt or causing further damage to the panels. Instead of taking the risk, contact Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. to learn more about how we can perform solar panel inspections in Barrie, Ontario with high-resolution imagery. Our skilled and experienced team members use cutting-edge technology to take photos of the panels to make sure they are properly installed and working correctly. You may also need solar panel inspections if you’re in the process of adding these panels to a building as part of a construction or renovation project.

No matter why you need solar panel inspections, we’re here to take care of the job. We can help you quickly identify areas of inconsistency or damage and get the issues resolved as soon as possible. Our team members also provide thermal imaging options to determine high-intensity reflection areas. If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation about solar panel inspections with our technology, contact us today.

Solar Panel Inspections