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We offer many aerial services with our innovative UAV solutions.

Here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we proudly serve many different industries with our drone aerial services including; construction, engineering, agricultural, environmental, aggregates and mining businesses, as well as cinematography firms.

Whether you run a construction firm, or need assistance before a special event, we have a refined UAV solution to meet your exact needs. Using cutting-edge technology, we can capture a range of data sets including; GIS Maps, 3D models, stunning video and photos for your project or objectives. For more information about the many industries we serve and the benefits of working with our highly qualified team, reach out to us today.

Aggregates & Mining

Canadian UAV Solutions provides a number of advantages over ground based data gathering techniques in the field of mining and aggregates. Reinvent the way your company does stockpiles! Safe, Affordable, and Highly Accurate. Read More

Construction & Engineering

Get an aerial perspective of the proposed project site. Once the project has started, our programmable flight capabilities allow us to return to the exact position throughout construction, as well as capture final completion images. Read More

Government and Environmental

AGRICULTURAL & ENVIRONMENTAL Canadian UAV Solutions is at the leading edge of UAV applications in agriculture, and is the only provider in Ontario to offer both Multi Rotor VTOL, and Fixed Wing UAVs. This allows us to operate in both smaller, confined fields, as well as large open ones. Read More


Inspection Our aerial inspections provide valuable information that may not have been available through more traditional methods.Our Aerial Inspections in Ontario provide detailed information, faster and safer than some traditional methods. Read More

Aerial Service Industries in Barrie, ON