Orthographic Mosaic Mapping

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If you are in need of a high definition drone orthographic mosaic for an upcoming project, we provide aerial mapping in Ontario.

At Volatus Aerospace, we are proud to offer accurate geographic spatial mapping solutions that are produced from drone aerial images. If you are in need of Drone Orthographic Mosaics for an upcoming project, we can provide you with high-resolution images from either a fixed wing or multi-rotor drone platform.

Orthographic photographs are aerial images that are geometrically connected into a mosaic, which then can be transformed into many traditional maps. However, unlike a standard aerial photograph, these images can be geographically referenced to measure true distances because they provide an accurate representation of the surface of the earth.

Our imaging solution is designed to handle the large volumes of data that are needed to create accurate Drone Orthographic Mosaics, so each photo and its perspective can ultimately be constructed together in a virtual 3D environment. This system is also associated with other benefits, such as:

  • Most up to date imagery of site conditions
  • Perfect for Temporal site monitoring
  • Highest resolution possible
  • Easily embed and relate Imagery with CAD informatiion

If you would like to know more about how our aerial imaging methods in Ontario can help you produce accurate Drone Orthographic Mosaics for your organization, please reach out to us at Volatus Aerospace We are eager to meet the specific needs of your upcoming project.