Agricultural & Environmental

Posted by Canadian UAV Solutions March 18th, 2018

Agricultural & Environmental Applications

Observe growth from a new perspective! Increase efficiency and yields by focusing resource allocation.

Watershed Mapping

Virtual Surveyor is Canadian UAV Solutions’ solution to handle large volumes of data that come with UAV True Orthophotos and elevation models by….

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Tile Drainage Mapping

If you would like to know more about our aerial imaging services and why our methods will help you create a low cost tile drainage map, please reach out to us today.

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Environmental Monitoring

Due to the photography and videography limitations of conventional aircraft, these visualizations may be nearly impossible to acquire. This is where we come in at Canadian UAV Solutions.

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With our UAV’s, we are able to provide:


  • Tile Drainage Assessment (Topographic and Elevation Maps)
  • Land use planning and assessment (Orthographic Mosaics)
  • Livestock Monitoring
  • Identify Pooling, Erosion and Watershed patterns

The application of UAV technology in agriculture around the globe is increasing at a phenomenal pace. A number of studies from around the world suggest the adaptation of UAVs for agricultural purposes will be the largest single non-military beneficiary of this fast growing technology. Canadian UAV Solutions is at the leading edge of UAV applications in agriculture, and can operate in both smaller, confined fields, as well as large plots. Canadian UAV Solutions is privileged to work with the University of Guelph – Muck Crops Research Center, providing them with aerial imaging to aid in their research, developing techniques to best suit the needs of the agriculture community. In addition to HD digital images, we can provide a number of enhanced services related to the agricultural requirements. UAV’s offer a number of significant befits when compared to manned aircraft, and satellite images.


  • Low Operating Cost
  • Does Not interfere with Field Operations
  • UAV’s Fly at low altitudes and produce HD Images (1 cm Resolution)
  • Greater Flexibility – we can schedule flights as often as required, targeting specific fields
  • Low Environmental Impact (Touch less Operations, UAVs use electric motors)
  • Able to recreate exact flight patterns

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