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The Construction Site Data we collect for your Project will meet your survey and record keeping needs!

Before beginning a construction project, it is highly beneficial to visualize the proposed work site from a multitude of different perspectives, including from up above. If you would like to gain an aerial perspective of a proposed project site before your project progresses any further, at Volatus Aerospace, we are here to help. We can provide you with Construction Site Images that are acquired using our UAV’s and Drones, which are loaded with innovative technology.

The imagery we collect for your organization can serve many different purposes. These images can be used to record multiple phases of construction activity, providing valuable before-and-after comparisons. Additionally, these 42 megapixel photos or 4K video footage can be used during the bidding stages of a proposed project to give the estimator an excellent overview of the project and identify features that you are unable to see standing on the ground.

Our Drones can also provide valuable orthographic mosaic images, which can provide an excellent visual record that can be loaded into your CAD or GIS software. Although aerial images and photography are a valuable resource to have on hand as you initiate a construction project, we can return to the exact site we originally recorded as often as you need to track construction progress. We can also provide you with final completion photographs and video after you finish all aspects of your construction project.

To find out more about how our imaging services can benefit your upcoming construction project, please contact us today. We look forward to contributing to the success of your operations with Drone Construction Site Images.