Pre-Engineering Survey

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We offer experience-based pre-engineering survey services.

Before construction can begin on any job site, one of the first steps is having a professional Drone Pre-Engineering Survey conducted. During this survey, a skilled surveyor will review the property on which construction activities will begin. The purpose of a pre-engineering survey is to identify topography and any potential signs that could be detrimental to the progress of a construction project, while giving engineers and designers a lay of the land to work from. Conducting the survey early in the process can reduce the risk of major issues after construction has started, so it’s critical to schedule this step as one of the first. At Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we offer pre-engineering survey services. Our experienced team members can visit your site and take care of the process, providing you with the detailed results you need to move forward or make changes to the property.


From the perspective of those involved in the construction process, a pre-engineering surveys help to control the risk of loss and damage, as well as defend those involved if the property has any issues down the road. If the contractor can show that a thorough Drone Pre-Engineering Survey was conducted before construction began, this can serve as proof that the property was in good condition to start shaping the terrain and building the structure. For more information about pre-engineering surveys and other available services, contact us at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc.