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The same data traditionally collected by ground-based services can now be gathered faster and more cost-effectively by drones.


UAV data and image collection is quickly becoming the standard for a variety of services required by municipalities. From survey applications to enhancing emergency services, drones across Canada are providing detailed video inspections, environmental monitoring, and insurance or natural disaster records. The same data traditionally collected by ground-based services can now be gathered faster and more cost-effectively by drones. These advantages make Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. a highly efficient option for many municipal applications.

Orthographic Mosaic Imagery

Geo located, Time Stamped, Google Maps and CAD Imagery

Topographic Mapping

Digital Elevation Models (DSM, DTM)

Thermal Imaging

Hot-Spot Detection, Search and Rescue, and Structure Heat Loss


Structure, Antenna, Comm’s, and Tower 3D Modeling

Slope, Watershed & Tile Drainage Maps

Environmental and Landfill Monitoring

Why choose Canadian UAV Solutions Inc.?

  • Safety and Qualifications- Compliant operations certificate issued by Transport Canada. All personnel are trained and qualified for advanced surveying UAV operations.
  • Experience- Our personnel have been operating UAV’s commercially for over 6 years. We are leaders in the commercial use of UAV’s in aerial surveying and data collection.
  • Liability- Fully insured for commercial and aerial operations, maintaining a $5 million liability insurance policy.
  • Total In-House Solution– Beginning at flight planning, we optimize data collection specific to the client’s needs. Our in-house GIS specialists do all of the multiple post-processing functions. We offer a fast turnaround for precise and expansive data.

You can save time and money and improve safety when you utilize our services at Canadian UAV Solutions for your next project in Ontario. We are a safety first company that provides a range of services to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of drone services!

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