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All of our building envelope inspections are performed with specialized drone platforms by skilled professionals

Is your firm or company looking to obtain a building envelope inspection? Then turn to Canadian UAV Solutions! Our Drones are able to save time and money, while obtaining a high resolution scan of your facility from angles not possible by traditional means.

At Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we offer Drone Building Envelope Inspections to ensure that your structure is in good condition. Our Drones can spot any areas of concern easily, while keeping boots on the ground! All of our Drone Building Envelope Inspections are performed with specialized equipment by skilled professionals. We’ll provide you with high-resolution imagery and 3D models that back up the results of what we find during the inspection. If you have any questions or concerns about the process of inspecting a building’s envelope, our team members will be happy to assist and provide you the information you need. We can scan your structure in RGB or Thermal, and can help you pin point areas of structural failure or heat loss.

If your company has need for a competitively priced Building Inspection, Contact Canadian UAV Solutions today for a free quote or estimate!

Building Envelope Inspections in Barrie, ON