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We recently performed a survey for one of our clients in central Ontario.

The site was approximately 220 acres, to which they needed a 3m XYZ Topographic grid for future site development.

Using our DJI M300 and P1 payload, we were able to complete the survey in less than 40 minutes flying time.

All in all, we were no longer than 2 hours on site, including set up, ground control and packing up.

Processing was completed in 2 business days after the flight, which provided the client a high resolution Orthographic mosaic along with a 3m topographic grid in ASCII and LAS format.

Here is a quick video of the raw LAS point cloud, our accuracy reports, along with a final engineered drawing of the site:



As you can see from the reports, we achieved just over 1cm Vertical accuracy on the Control points, and just under 2cm Vertical accuracy on the Check points using both an Emlid RS2 and Propeller Aeropoint for additional independent accuracy confirmations.

If you would like to know more about how our UAV technology is increasing efficiencies within various industries across the country, reach out anytime and one of our associates would be happy to answer any questions you may have.