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Want to collect your own Drone Data? Our C.D.C. Program is right for you!

If your operation is looking for the flexibility to acquire drone data at your convenience, without the hassle of dealing with ever-changing drone regulations and laws and expense and training required to process the drone data, we have the solution!

Our Client Data Collection (C.D.C.) program was created specifically to meet these needs.

The C.D.C Concept:

  • You (the client) operate the drone to collect the data at your site
  • Raw data is transferred to our processing facility to be processed to your specifications
  • Completed image and data files are transferred back to you


What Canadian UAV Solutions Provides:

  • The drone and all support equipment required to operate it
  • Operational training to be able to plan and execute your missions
  • Support & maintenance
  • Data processing of all drone data
  • All required insurance coverage
  • Administration of Transport Canada issued permits
  • Backup equipment for uninterrupted coverage
  • Practice drone to hone your skills


What You (the Client) Provide:

  • Name of designated trained pilot(s) — We can assist with organizing training as required

For more details, contact Canadian UAV Solutions:

Email: info@cuavsinc.ca   Phone: 705-812-0887