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With our state-of-the-art technology, we can complete your licensing survey in a prompt and affordable manner.

In the past, obtaining a licensing survey could often be an arduous task that equated to high fees and delays that could make some projects infeasible. With the advent of drones and the experienced services we provide at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., your licensing survey can be done in a timely manner and include more information than was usually available with other methods. The result is high-quality data obtained in an efficient manner that is unexpectedly affordable.

Licensing Survey in Barrie, Ontario

Our licensing survey equipment is completely portable, so we can go to any property you need us to in the Barrie, Ontario area and beyond. If you have a property that you haven’t been able to work with because it is off the beaten path, today’s technology makes it possible, not to mention safer.

Our services are completely customizable, so you can get the information that means the most to you. We offer a wide variety of surveys, including mining, engineering, construction, and topographic surveys, so you can get a jump on your upcoming project extending beyond the initial licensing survey.

Our company is fully insured in excess of Transport Canada’s requirements, and we stay on top of new regulations to ensure we always adhere to the most recent changes in this quickly evolving industry. Our crews have received aeronautical training and certification to Transport Canada standards, holding either a pilot permit or CCUVS certificate. We also hold a ROC-A radio license issued by Industry Canada. We take your licensing survey needs seriously to deliver useful results in a prompt and affordable manner. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your project.

Licensing Survey