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With our high-tech UAVs, you can see your property in a new light with an aerial survey.

When you need surveying done on a property or piece of land, you would generally call a surveying company. Surveying companies will use many varieties of equipment and staff in order to survey your property. However, if your property is large or hard to reach, your standard survey company may not be able to complete the job or reach the area. When you choose Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. for our aerial survey services, we put all those concerns to rest with our detailed analysis and aerial survey solutions.

Aerial Survey in Kitchener, Ontario

In order to reach otherwise inaccessible areas as well as complete aerial surveys in a timely fashion, our team here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. chooses to use UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles. These large and high-tech drones work far better than the ones that you can pick up easily from any electronics store. With our aerial survey equipment, you can get a variety of highly specific and detailed topographic maps, inventory on aggregates or mining, progress on your construction projects, and even pre-engineering surveys. We offer a variety of aerial survey readings that are sure to assist you in any of your projects that require a survey of any type.

At Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we offer a variety of services to many different industries because we are able to easily switch gears from construction surveys to topographic surveys to orthographic mapping. Because of our high-tech UAVs, you can rely on our aerial services to get you the information that you need in a useful and efficient manner. For help with aerial surveys of your Kitchener, Ontario property, give us a call today.

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