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Our drone company ensures thorough information-gathering as well as safety measures.

When you think of a drone, chances are that you think about one of the more common drones that anyone can get at a high-end electronics store or even the small ones that you can buy children for birthdays! There are drones of all sizes and types out there, and our drone company here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. is one that chooses to use our drones for work purposes. With our drones (or as we call them, unmanned aerial vehicles), you’ll be shocked at the amount of detailed and thorough information that we can gather for you.

Drone Company in Kitchener, Ontario

Our drone company uses drones for all types of services for the Kitchener, Ontario area, including mapping, surveying, and even depth analysis for mining and aggregate companies. With so many different types of surveying required, our drone company has made our drones rise to the challenge by outfitting them with the equipment needed to get details for your property that can’t be obtained any other way. If you like, you can even view the drone’s camera and direct it to obtain images of the exact spots that are on the top of your priority list, which can’t be said of many other survey companies!

At Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we pride ourselves on being safety conscious. We always require safety briefings, pre-flight checks, equipment checks and other required safety measures before each and every takeoff of our UAVs. We also won’t fly over occupied properties to ensure the safety of those inside.

For more information about our drone company, we invite you to contact us at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. today.

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