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Choose a survey company that can deliver quality and efficiency.

Your standard survey company that services the Kitchener, Ontario area is probably going to be modeled after survey companies everywhere with a lot of groundwork, standard equipment and surveyors who will traverse your land or properties and use their equipment to give you information. Here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we are a different kind of survey company that services the Kitchener and surrounding areas of Ontario. Rather than using our equipment on the ground, we have opted to explore up above and give you a bird’s eye view of your site with more information in a shorter amount of time than you realized was possible!

Survey Company in Kitchener, Ontario

With a survey company like Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., you have the advantage of time on your side. Because our survey company uses aerial views instead of ground level equipment, you don’t have to worry about obstructions like trees, traffic or other things that block access. This allows us to get a meticulously detailed survey report much faster.

Additionally, since our survey drones are unmanned, we use far fewer surveyors to gather the same amount of information, making our survey company both efficient and cost-effective. Considering that a survey company is required in many forms of construction and engineering, having a survey company that encompasses these qualities not only gives you valuable information, but makes good budget sense as well.

Here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we want to be your survey company of choice for any project you have near or around the Kitchener area. We have many highly-trained staff who are ready and willing to work with our advanced UAVs to obtain the survey information that you need in a safe and effective way, so give us a call today!

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