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Our aerial survey process comes with a lot of advantages.

Aerial Survey in North Bay, Ontario
Some pieces of information you just can’t get unless you have a bird’s eye view. Here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we understand this more than most because we work with drones and unmanned aerial vehicles to complete aerial surveys of all types. Many survey companies work strictly on land, but with our aerial survey service, you can experience advantages like these ones:

  • Lower overall cost– Because our aerial surveys are done with a skeleton crew, you don’t have to pay for the extensive manpower and hours that it takes to hire a crew in order to traverse large areas. Even considering our state-of-the-art equipment, our prices are very competitive.
  • Accurate information- Aerial surveying delivers accurate information without the complications of human error. The aerial vehicle will go where you need it to and deliver you back the information required for your survey type. Simple as that.
  • Less time– An aerial survey can be completed in far less time than a land survey because you are seeing everything from a bird’s eye view, rather than seeing the information from the ground and extrapolating the information from that. For construction projects, you don’t have to worry about the survey process causing any progress in the build to be dragged to a halt.
  • Safe– At Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we don’t ever fly over occupied buildings or buildings that have construction workers in them. We also go over safety checklists and briefings before each and every flight.

We want to help you with an aerial survey for your North Bay, Ontario site, so get in touch with us today.

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