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Our survey company combines technology and efficiency to deliver highly valuable survey information.

Hiring a survey company is instrumental and essential to many different types of organizations and businesses. Many survey companies rely on land surveys to get their work done and to collect information, but with our help here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., you can start to add the assistance of technologically advanced drones to assist you with your surveying. At Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we are the survey company that you have been looking for to deliver on any variety of survey applications, including:

Survey Company in North Bay, Ontario

  • Mining surveys- We can use our UAVs to fly over your active or inactive mining site and return with valuable information, such as cut fill surveys, stockpile quantity and volume, site maps, digital elevation models and more.
  • Construction surveys– Do you want to be able to keep your construction moving forward, while also ensuring it is moving in the right direction? Our survey company allows you to do just that without the need to halt for safe land survey procedures.
  • Engineering surveys– Our survey company can help you with your engineering survey from the beginning steps of the process, right at the pre-engineering survey and every step along the way.
  • Drone surveys– We use drones and unmanned aerial vehicles to capture information that can’t be obtained any other way. Our drone survey services also make it possible to survey an area quickly and with less manpower.
  • Topographic surveys– Gathering detailed topographic surveys and topographic information has never been easier with a survey company like ours.

When you need a survey company in the North Bay, Ontario area, make sure to consider us at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc.

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