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Drone surveys provide accurate, fast, and detailed images of topographic data.

At Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we believe that utilizing drones (UAV’s) to conduct surveys of your construction, aggregate, and/or mining site is the best way to obtain highly accurate aerial images, topographic maps, and volumes. We specialize in UAV or drone aerial imaging, which allows us to complete a high-definition survey that provides you with current and detailed Orthographic maps of your work-site or project location.

engineering survey completed using drones can save time

Using leading edge UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems), a.k.a. drones, we can offer a cost-effective alternative to typical survey services. Our drone survey services are safer, faster, and highly accurate when compared to traditional survey methods.

A drone survey is a reliable solution for many types of applications and fields, including aggregates and mining, topographic engineering, environmental planning and monitoring, construction, agriculture, archaeology, inspection services, and forestry. At Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we are committed to providing high-quality aerial images that cannot be obtained on the ground or by full-sized, manned aircraft. We can even return to the same site and perform the exact drone survey over as many times as needed.

At Canadian UAV Solutions, safety is our number one priority, and therefore our flight crew has completed mandatory system training, SOP’s in the field, and beyond! Because of this, we are fully insured and compliant UAV operators, registered within Transport Canada. This allows us to fly nearly any location within Canada in a very timely manner!

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of drone surveys and to schedule a free consultation or demo.

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