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Use our technology to make your licensing surveys high-quality, efficient and affordable.

Technology is shaping all areas of our lives. With everything from businesses to dating done with the help of technology, it’s no wonder that technology has infiltrated the way that licensing surveys are done as well. Here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we have the knowledge and the technology that you need in order to safely complete all kinds of drone surveys, including licensing surveys.

Orthomosaic + Topo Map

When you come to Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., you’ll be surprised at the efficiency of our licensing survey process. Because drones are able to get a lot of information for licensing surveys very quickly and with superior visual results, you’ll end up with data that is high-quality, useful and best of all, unexpectedly affordable! We have a variety of drones that we use for different purposes here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., and we will customize the drone to your surveying needs.

Our licensing surveys aren’t just effective and high-quality, they are convenient as well. Because our equipment is portable, we can complete a licensing survey anywhere by coming to the most accessible location and launching to the proper area. This makes out-of-the-way licensing surveys much easier than other survey methods.

At Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we are here to provide solutions to all your surveying needs, including licensing surveys. However, that doesn’t mean that we have lost sight of the importance of personal safety. Our crew members are fully trained and certified UAV pilots and surveyors with years of experience in their respective fields. Proper PPE, SOPs, insurance and qualifications make Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. your best choice!

If you want to know more about licensing surveys from Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., contact us today.

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