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We have everything you need in a survey company!

What do you look for in a Survey Company? Do you require top-of-the-line equipment and accuracy? What about professionalism? Perhaps you want someone who is backed up by licences and insurance? Here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we can provide all of these and more when you choose us to be your survey company. Not only do we pride ourselves on developing good working relationships with our clients, but we also use advanced equipment that can help with any survey job.

Survey Company


We are a unique Survey Company here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. because we provide a piece of the puzzle that has been missing so far in your survey needs: an aerial view. With our skilled use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s), we are able to get information for your site that you could have never gotten by any other means. We can get aerial views of the topography and landscape all while watching out for potential problem areas or hazards that you or your team might encounter during construction. Because of our unique view and our unique equipment, we are able to give you safe and multi-variable information that can help you choose the best process within which to proceed.

Our survey company takes every precaution available to ensure that our UAV’s are safe. We maintain Insurance and a Compliant Operator Certificate, and run through a safety checklist before each and every flight. By avoiding people or other structures and only looking at the specific area, we are able to limit risk to our own crew and others, on site and beyond. If you’re looking for a responsible, safe, and helpful survey company, you’re looking for Canadian UAV Solutions Inc.

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