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Perform construction surveys more quickly with drones and UAV’s.

During a construction survey using our UAVs, we are able to obtain high-quality images of the project in question, and can revisit the site as needed in order to gather the most accurate stage and survey data as the project progresses. Our stage record photos and videos are of better quality than a full-sized, manned aircraft, and we can also perform construction surveys quickly, and safely with our drones and UAV’s.

Throughout the stages of development within any construction project, you may find that an accurate land survey is required. Fortunately, at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we offer the solution for construction surveys using state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (UAV’s) or drones. Besides HD imagery and Orthographic maps, We can obtain topographic maps, slope and watershed, cut and fill reports, and much more. Using UAV’s and Drones, you can add unseen value to your next project by obtaining an aerial perspective and record like no other.

At Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we always put the safety of our clients first. Our drone pilots complete mandatory training and are certified to provide expert construction survey services according to your specific guidelines and requirements. We also hold the proper certifications and insurance, exceeding the standards set by Transport Canada, and are registered fully compliant UAV operators.

One of the best reasons to contact us at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. about your construction survey is because our transportable equipment makes it easy for us to come to your site in Ontario. Whether you are located close to Georgian Bay or need us to travel to a remote location, you will find us prepared to assist you in a variety of locations across Canada, while accommodating your project’s timeline.

To schedule your UAV construction survey, contact us at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. today. We look forward to working with you!

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