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Drone survey costs vary on the type of surveying and the time spent gathering information.

There are many different types of surveying that can be completed in construction or other land businesses. Lately, people have been noticing that traditional surveying methods are being either combined with or replaced by drone surveying methods in a variety of areas, including construction, aggregate mining, engineering, environmental planning, agriculture, archeology, and forestry, just to name a few. Many people love the new and improved angles and views they are able to get from a drone survey, but one of the things that people are loving the most about our drone surveys from Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. is our drone survey costs.

Drone Survey Cost

There are many things about drone survey costs that make our pricing structure quite affordable, some of which include:

  • Accessibility– Surveying as a business requires surveyors to check out their sites. However, when a site is far away or difficult to access, an accurate survey is not only expensive but very difficult to get to. A drone, however, makes difficult sites much more affordable since a drone is less expensive to fly to a site than a human surveyor.
  • Time Needed– Drones are able to gather a lot of information in a short amount of time, with far fewer crew members. What would take a typical survey crew a week to shoot could be finished in an afternoon! Not only is this method time efficient, but highly accurate as well.
  • Precise Information- Standard survey instruments cannot obtain high-level details unless scanned by a laser. A drone survey provides a similar result, only it’s more affordable and accurate! Save money by having precise stockpile volumes, cut and fill quantities, and beyond!

These are just a few of the aspects of drones that make drone survey costs very reasonable, especially when you go with a quality company like ours at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. For more information about our drone surveys and our drone survey costs, please give us a call today.

Drone Survey Cost in Toronto, ON