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Are you considering incorporating drones within your operations?

Drone implementation is growing more rapidly then ever. It has introduced new data gathering techniques which are improving efficiency and bottom lines.

However, there are an overwhelming number of variables to considering before investing, and without the proper information it is very easy to go the wrong direction.

We at Volatus Aerospace have been in the industry for over 8 years, and are here to offer our in-depth knowledge and experience to you. Our Consultation and assessment services will be custom tailored to bring to light all the aspects you will need to consider.


          Some of the facets we can assist with include: 
                                          • Hiring Service Providers vs Internalization of Specialization
                                          • Training, SOP’s, and Fleet Management
                                          • RFQ / RFP Qualification Standards and Requirements
                                          • Processing the Data

 Simply fill out the form below, and we will provide a free basic assessment and direction to meet your needs!


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    *Flight Time, Air Law, Operational Procedures, Data Processing, etc.