4 Essential Services from Your
Survey Company

When remodeling a home or business office, you generally work within set parameters of the building. However, when you choose to purchase land, you must work and build within the parameters that are set by weather, ground density, water tables, and so many other features. Buying a parcel or parcels of land can be costly, so you want to make sure you have it surveyed by an experienced professional before signing your name on the dotted line. Some of the services we at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. offer which are above and beyond your traditional crew are:

survey services tell you a little something different about the land that is being surveyed

  1. Dense Topographic Data
  2. Orthographic Mosaic Imagery
  3. Repeatability

Each of these types of survey services tell you a little something different about the land that is being surveyed. For mining, a UAV survey can provide you with a detailed orthographic mosaic map, something that would take a great amount of time and cost to do with more traditional, ground-based survey methods. With engineering and construction surveys, drones can take aerial views and inspections of all parts of the land and give detailed analysis of the layout and features of the land as well as any structures that might exist. Topographic surveys can enjoy a new level of detail in the information that is used to make maps or determine the value of a plot of land.

With a survey company like Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., you are privy to these types of services and more. Being in business with us means being well-informed about any property or building that you need to survey. If you need assistance or would like to survey company, please contact us today.