Advantages of Using a Drone Survey

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Whether it’s to gather information to prepare for a new construction endeavour or to inspect existing facilities, there are many reasons that you might need a property survey. While traditionally, surveys have been conducted by workers, more and more companies are turning to unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, to perform these tasks. Here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we offer drone survey services, as we believe that there are a number of advantages to this approach over in-person inspections, including:

  • Risk Reduction – In 2015, there were over 26,000 workplace injuries reported in Canada, including 186 fatalities. According to surveys, at least 18% of these fatalities were the result of falling from heights. Using drone surveys to inspect roofs, wind turbines, and other tall structures will prevent these risks and keep your workers safe.

Using drone surveys to inspect roofs

  • Better Overview – Currently, manned aircraft are used to capture a bird’s eye view of large areas of facilities. In order to stay airborne, these craft have to fly high overhead, which limits the clarity and focus of their images. Drone surveys, on the other hand, can be done from a much lower height, allowing for much sharper images.
  • Faster Data Acquisition – Another advantage of using drone surveys is that they can capture more data in a shorter time frame than human inspectors. Since drones are not manned, they do not need the same safety equipment and procedures, allowing our team at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. to deliver your results sooner.

We at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. want to help you take care of your property and make the best choice for your business. If you need a professional survey, you can turn to our team for efficient and thorough drone surveys.