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Here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we want to support clean and renewable energy. One of the best sources of renewable energy is solar farms, but like anything else the solar panels in these farms need regular inspections in order to stay in good working condition. Since solar farms cover large areas and have a lot of machinery to check, they have presented a challenge for workers to maintain. Fortunately, our team at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. can offer a solution: instead of human workers, you can use our fleet of drones for your solar panel inspections. Here are some of the benefits of this approach:

  • Comprehensive Coverage – As mentioned, manual inspections of a solar field take a lot of time and effort. Because it takes so long for workers to perform the tests in person, there are often variations in test results. In contrast, our drones can perform complete solar panel inspections in just a couple of hours, gathering more data with fewer inconsistencies than if you did the tests in person.

our drones can perform complete solar panel inspections

  • Site Safety – In order to check that solar arrays are operating at full capacity, technicians need to open the combiners and inverters to inspect them. Interacting with open circuitry is highly dangerous, and puts your team members at risk. Using drones for your solar panel inspections will dramatically reduce these risks by pinpointing faults and thus minimizing your workers’ exposure to live circuits.
  • Enhanced Visibility – In manual solar field inspections, time and resources don’t allow for every unit to be checked, which often leaves anomalies overlooked. Drones can perform aerial thermography that will inspect every panel down to the cell level, allowing you to find and resolve all potential issues within your array.

If you are interested in these benefits for your solar panels, you can reach out to our team to arrange for a solar panel inspection from our fleet of drones.