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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones, have become one of the most talked about technological developments in recent years. Due to a decrease in manufacturing costs, these lightweight, remote controlled aircraft have become more accessible, and people are eager to use them in a variety of new and exciting ways. Though many people do use drones for entertainment, they also have a wide array of applications for industry, including construction, mining, and other fields. One of the first such areas that drones were used was in the field of aerial survey, and in this article our team at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. will lay out some of the advantages that drones have over traditional aircraft for this purpose.

drones were used was in the field of aerial survey

  • More Detail – One benefit of using drones in your aerial survey efforts is that they can fly at a lower altitude than manned aircraft, which allows them to capture images from a closer perspective and thus register more detail. This makes drones a great choice when you need comprehensive data about the survey site.
  • Reduced Risk – Another advantage of using drones is that they carry far less risk to personnel than do manned aircraft. Rather than piloting an airborne vehicle at high altitudes, you can control a drone remotely from the safety of the ground, and only risk damage to the equipment rather than serious injuries to a human worker.
  • Increased Accuracy – Even the best pilot is prone to some human error, meaning that there is no way to guarantee that they repeat the same flight path exactly. With drones from our team at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., on the other hand, you can repeat the same flight path as many times as you like with total accuracy. This makes drones a great choice for ongoing aerial survey projects to monitor change or progress over time.

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