Building Envelope Inspections: How They Work

The term building envelope refers to the combination of systems that protect the interior of a structure from the elements, and particularly from water intrusion. These systems include the roof, the exterior walls, the windows and doors, the foundations, the floors, and any other air barriers. If water does penetrate these systems, it can cause serious water damage, including rot or mildew, so it’s important to keep everything well-sealed. Here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we can help you protect your property with regular building envelope inspections.

protect your property with regular building envelope inspections

In a building envelope inspection, our technicians will be on the lookout for leaks. Although the roof is what typically springs to mind when talking about leaks, moisture can enter your home at just about any point in your building envelope. Our team at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. will identify any weak spots in your moisture protection, whether it’s window seals that are starting to split, or gaps in the mortar of a brick facade.

You can count on our experts to locate any issues with your building envelope and take the necessary steps to restore your seal against moisture. Building envelope inspections are also important for preventing air leaks, and thus maintaining the effectiveness of your insulation—if you have a draft in or home or have noticed a difficulty in maintaining a comfortable temperature, our inspectors will find any cracks that are letting your heat escape.

We at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. want to help you take care of your home, business, or other structure. If you want to make sure that your property is protected from the elements, give us a call to arrange a building envelope inspection.