Choosing a Drone Company

When it comes to choosing a drone company, you need the one that will satisfy your purposes perfectly. When recording data from in the sky, capturing images that a manned aircraft cannot effectively capture, you need to know you’re dealing professionals who are compliant with local and federal laws.

drone company can provide you with opportunities for aerial inspections

If you live in Southern Ontario, our team at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. can provide those quality images you need without cutting any legal corners. Our operators all carry either a pilot permit or a Civil and Commercial UAV Training Certificate issued by Transport Canada. As well, they’re also required to carry a Restricted Operator Aeronautical Radio Licence issued by Industry Canada. That means everyone at the company has been vetted by the industry and the government.

We pride ourselves on being compliant with the province and are fully insured in excess of Transport Canada’s requirements. Our operations adhere to Transport Canada regulations. Nothing about our drone company’s business model is a risk to you.

That doesn’t restrict your ability to partake in the production, should you so choose. You can be on site and see the images being captured by the operator, and even direct the photography yourself if you wish. As for us, our equipment is fully portable, and we’re happy to meet you on site almost anywhere in Southern Ontario. Call us to verify we’re the drone company you need.