How a Mining Survey Benefits from UAVs

Geologists benefit from a birds-eye view of the landscapes where they suspect valuable deposits are. The rock faces of mountainsides and the courses rivers run are clues that can be studied to great advantage with images generated by a drone. Of course, these sorts of ventures are very expensive, and everyone concerned needs to do their job right. Were anything to cause a mining venture to fail, you have to assume that the investors are going to sift through every aspect of the undertaking to see who’s at fault, which is why choosing the right UAV company for your mining survey is important.

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The UAV company conducting your mining survey must be in compliance with the laws of the province in order to avoid additional fines or red tape. To prevent these possibilities, our drone operators carry either pilot permits or Civil and Commercial UAV Training Certificates issued to them by Transport Canada. They’ve all earned a Restricted Operator Aeronautical Radio Licence, issued by Industry Canada. In essence, they’re qualified in the eyes of the province, and our record of success demonstrates a positive trajectory.

If you need UAV drone photography in Southern Ontario, we at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. can help. We don’t expect anyone commissioning a mining survey to want to stay out of the action, so we invite you to participate in the capturing of the images. You’re welcome to be there on site with the operator as the drones are doing their work, so you can see the images as they’re being made. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your mining survey consultation.