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An important part of maintaining a structure or property is performing regular inspections to check for potential issues and address them before they can grow into big problems. Traditionally, these check-ins have required an inspector to physically traverse the area in question in order to make direct observations and assessments. While this approach still works in many cases, for others, drone inspection services provide a better alternative.

drone inspection services provide a better alternative

Here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we use our drones to inspect areas that would be unsafe for humans to view directly or properties that are too big for an in-person inspection to be practical. In this article, we provide a brief overview of how drone inspection services work and what kinds of applications they can be used for.

If you’re unfamiliar with drones, they are lightweight, remote-controlled aircraft, typically using a quadcopter design. They are equipped with cameras and are used to gather up-close images from places that a human being could not safely or practically view directly. With our drone inspection services here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we pilot our drones to gather data about hard-to-reach areas, such as steep or uneven roof lines or the far corners of a vast solar farm. This allows clients like you to receive comprehensive data on the state of your property or structures without having to spend as much time or effort as it would take your workers to gather it in person.

Our clients here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. typically use our drone inspection services to survey large areas, such as construction sites or mining operations, or to inspect tight spaces like the nooks and crannies of a structure that’s being built. If you are interested in our drone inspection services, you can contact our team to find out more about how we can help with your next project.