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Environmental monitoring is an important part of conservation efforts, as it provides important data about the local area and how resident plant and animal life is being impacted by environmental pressures or changes. One of the most effective ways to collect this kind of data is with aerial images, as such photos provide immediate visual evidence of how an area is being affected by human activities. Although previously done with manned aircraft or satellites, increasingly, this kind of image-gathering is being performed by unmanned aerial vehicles or drones. We at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. provide environmental monitoring services using our fleet of drones, and in this article, we will give an overview of how it works.

Environmental monitoring is an important part of conservation efforts

Here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we use our drones for a variety of applications. They are excellent for use in environmental monitoring, as they can fly at low altitudes to provide visual documentation of an area from a much closer distance than manned aircraft can achieve. This allows for higher resolution images to provide more detailed data to conservationists and climate scientists observing the area. Comparing successive images of the same area over time allows scientists to track changes that occur over time, making predictions about the future impact and planning interventions if necessary.

We at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. recognize that environmental monitoring is becoming increasingly important in conservation and climate change prevention efforts. If you want to minimize your impact on the local environment, you can call our team to investigate your effect on the area with our drones.