Look Up! Advantages of Drone
Roof Inspections

Aside from the foundation, the most important feature of a dwelling structure is the roof. It is the roof that shields the interior of the property from snow, rain, hail, and other types of weather. There are many times when a new roof can be the final straw in determining whether to purchase a property, so roof inspections are a must for any potential buyer. However, instead of a traditional inspection where an expert ascends a ladder and inspects the roof manually, why not try a roof inspection done by a drone instead?

roof inspections are a must for any potential buyer

There are all sorts of advantages of roof inspections when they are done by drones; first and foremost is that they are much safer. When a traditional roof inspection is done, even with proper precautions, there are some risks that can’t be prepared for. A weak portion or damage done by pests can cause quick collapses and fall risks. Additionally, because drones are equipped with not only traditional cameras but high-tech ones such as thermal imaging as well, a professional can determine weak spots without ever stepping foot on a roof.

Another advantage of drone roof inspections is that they require less equipment at any job site. Especially on large or complex roofs, drones are perfect for examining the little curves, ins and outs and steep slopes of even the most complicated roof. If you would be interested in this type of detailed, safety-conscious, and cost-effective method of roof inspections, please contact us at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. today.