Purchasing a UAV Aerial Survey

An aerial survey almost never precedes a trivial venture; if you need eyes in the sky to tell you something, it’s probably important enough that there’s no room for mistakes. There are no cheap errors when it’s gotten to this point, so you need your survey done properly. To ensure this, some certification will go a long way to separate the fakes from the pros.

we can get started on your aerial survey

For anyone seeking to purchase a UAV aerial survey, we at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. are here to help. Our business model requires that our employees have either a pilot permit or a Civil and Commercial UAV Training Certificate issued by Transport Canada. On top of this, they’re also required to carry a Restricted Operator Aeronautical Radio Licence issued by Industry Canada.

These qualifications are not only to assure anyone shopping for an aerial survey that we know our craft, but they also prove we’re fully compliant with the Province of Ontario. That said, we’re also able to include you in the process of the aerial survey. You can watch what the UAV operator is seeing during the flight and even direct the photography yourself. If you need the same place photographed again at a later date, that’s no problem.

Our equipment is totally portable, so we can arrive at your site without difficulty. Don’t let amateurs talk you into accepting UAV photos that are subpar. Call us today so we can get started on your aerial survey.