The Many Advantages of Drone Surveys

 Drone surveys can save your company entire days or weeksWith any new technology comes new advances and efficiencies in all types of fields, including surveying. With drone surveys, there are many different advantages that accompany this technology, some of which include

  • TimeDrone surveys can save your company entire days or weeks in the surveying process with equal or increased accuracy as a ground survey, without interrupting operations on site.
  • Safety- UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are very safe and qualified instruments in the proper hands. Not only do they prevent ground crews risking their safety on ground surveys that might include uneven terrain or other hazards, but an operator can also complete a drone survey remotely.
  • Accuracy- With the accuracy of GPS survey instrumentation, digital photography, and programs that accompany drone surveys, you can get an incredibly precise and dense survey of the land without needing to send crew into the field.

If you are looking for someone to help you with complex surveying needs, consider looking towards drone surveys and their many advantages. Contact us at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. for more information about our drone surveys.