By now you’ve probably heard it within your company. From project managers to ground surveyors, the buzz is on, Competitor X is achieving¬†DEM’s with 60-90 points per square meter at 4-5cm accuracy from a Drone, for half the cost!¬†Coworkers are beginning accept this is the future and not wanting to be left behind, they think the best way to propel the business forward is by implementing a drone division, yesterday!

These people are ambitious, but unfortunately, they underestimate the complexity of the endeavor. Over the years I have seen several companies try this, and only a handful of larger companies have been able to successfully maintain it. My professional opinion from experience is; unless you’re using the drone on a weekly basis, incorporating this specialization within your company is probably not worth the time, money, or effort. Mainly because there are a handful of highly reliable Drone service providers in every major populated area, which can do these services for a competitive price. Over the next few while we will discuss in detail the main factors which are commonly underestimated!


Stay Tuned!