UAVs for Quicker Roof Inspections

There are good reasons for you to choose to employ a drone for your roof inspections. For larger building complexes, it can be more cost effective than teams going up onto every unit to look for damage. A flyover can detect a problem quickly, and that can impact your repair costs.

employ a drone for your roof inspections

When selecting a company to handle roof inspections, it’s especially important to ensure that all accreditation is all in order and up to date. In a province as heavy in legislation as Ontario, there’s no way to cut corners; rules about where you can fly a drone are very specific. And anyone who has not earned the proper accreditation is less likely to be able to generate images that are good enough.

If you have enough roofing to maintain that it makes sense to send up a drone to see what the situation requires, we at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. are here to help you complete your roof inspections in Southern Ontario. Our drone operators carry either pilot permits or Civil and Commercial UAV Training Certificates issued to them by Transport Canada. They’ve also earned Restricted Operator Aeronautical Radio Licences, issued by Industry Canada.

Not only are our drone operators accredited and qualified, but they’ll also allow you to get in on the photography. For your roof inspection, if you want to direct the shots yourself, you can watch on site at the operator captures the images. You can even do the directing if you prefer. We’re happy to travel to almost any site in Southern Ontario in order to do so.