Using Drones for a
Pre-Engineering Survey

Your site requires a pre-engineering survey so you know what challenges the topography offers. The larger the site, the more men would be required to complete such a survey. If you have a big job ahead, then the site may require more manpower to survey than your investors care to pay for.

Your site requires a pre-engineering survey

Using drones for a pre-engineering survey will save you time and money. It will also give your surveyors more information on where to concentrate their work, so you get the maximum effect for your efforts. Drones simply streamline the work, though hiring the wrong UAV operators can cause more headaches if they’re not properly accredited.

The Province of Ontario has many laws governing the aerial space where a drone may travel and who may operate the drone. That’s why you need to get your drone survey from a business that is qualified and licenced. We at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. are here to help anyone requiring a pre-engineering survey. Our operators carry either pilot permits or Civil and Commercial UAV Training Certificates that have been issued to them by Transport Canada. They’ve also earned Restricted Operator Aeronautical Radio Licences, issued to them by Industry Canada.

We’ll travel almost anywhere in Southern Ontario to access your site. If you want, you can join us during the survey and help direct the shots so your images are exactly the ones you need. Give us a call so we can look into starting your pre-engineering survey.