What to Look for in a Survey Company

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When planning a new construction venture, mining operation, or other big endeavour, one of the first steps you’ll need to take is to have the property inspected by professional surveyors. Survey companies provide valuable data about the lay of the land so that you can better plan your design and construction methods, but often also provide information about environmental concerns and other areas of interest.

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With today’s technologies, survey companies can collect more comprehensive data faster than ever before. Because finding the right survey company is so important to the success of your project, in this article, our team here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. will go over some key things to look for when searching for the right one.

  • Proper Licencing – The first thing to look for in a survey company is the proper licencing and credentials to establish their qualifications. Any legitimate company should be ready to provide this documentation to let you know that they have the necessary training and experience to do the work you need. Our team is happy to go over these documents with you, but any company that hesitates on this matter is probably one you want to pass by.
  • Client References – Another thing to ask about when interviewing candidates is client references. Again, a reputable company should have many positive reports from past clients who were satisfied with their results, and should have no problem sharing them with you. You can also check their reviews online for further confirmation.
  • Sound Methodology – While checking out survey companies, you should also ask about what methodology they use. Surveying is a field that is rapidly changing with new technologies, and it’s important to make sure that you feel confident with the methods being used. Here at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc., we conduct our surveys using drones—we recognize that not everyone is familiar with this approach, and we are happy to go over how it works and answer any questions you may have.

Our team at Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. wants to help you do what’s best for your project. We hope that this article helps you find a reliable survey company to help you get started.